Doctors recommend proven and tested tips for boosting your energy

A group of doctors came together to share some energy-boosting tips that can help you get through a tiring and busy day. These tips cover a number of different things, including what works best for them when starting the day, as well as the kind of things they do to get that instant energy when they’re feeling worn out.

Common ground

Some of the doctors share similar tips on how to start the day right, and that is by waking up as early as possible. According to dentist Dr. Uchenna Okoye, waking up at the same time or earlier everyday — which is 5:00 a.m. for her — has helped her become energized throughout the day. She complements this with having a morning vegetable smoothie containing kale and spinach, among other ingredients, and says that it serves as her ultimate go-to energy instant fix.

Several doctors also mention running and even sprinting as keys to getting instant energy. Dr. Preethi Daniel, a registered GP, says that whenever fatigue starts to creep in, she would recommend going for a walk or a short sprint. Dr. Suchrita Badvey agrees, “For a quick energy pick up, something I have done since I was a young teen is sprint at top speed in quick bursts, followed by walking briskly for a few minutes, repeating this cycle for 10-20 minutes a day.”

It may seem counterintuitive — getting energy doing an activity that appears to make you tired — but according to these doctors, doing those things actually helps them by serving as quick energy boosts.

Must-try to believe

One unconventional trick comes from Dr. Meg Mehta, who recommends that you use something called “energy imagery” in order to feel energized. Her technique requires that you simply, “bring to mind a time and place where [you] felt particularly energetic.” The idea is that if you can remember the energy and vigor that you had from that event and that specific moment, then you can bring it back and channel it all through your body.

Meanwhile, there’s also something called the “inner smile” which is used by Dr. Sarah Brewer. She says that it originated in ancient China, and works by allowing you to strengthen your so-called constitutional energy, or Jing Qi, and channel it from your face all the way to your core.

Not all of the doctors use dietary supplements, but most of them do. For instance, several of them take some form of vitamin D supplement, which they refer to as either “sunshine in a pill” or the “sunshine vitamin.” There are also several mentions of ginseng, vitamin B-complex, vitamin C, and zinc. This means that even though their conventional and non-conventional tricks for extra energy may be working, some of them still find it necessary or helpful to rely on good old-fashioned vitamin supplement products.

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