The benefits of taking sublingual vitamins

Here is a truth that might be a little hard to swallow: When you take oral vitamins or supplements, less than 10 percent of its actual nutrient content gets absorbed into your bloodstream. This means the the remaining 90 percent is broken down so quickly by your digestive system that it just ends up going to waste. If you’re wondering if there is a more efficient alternative to getting your adequate vitamin intake, then look no further than the growing health trend of sublingual vitamins.

What are sublingual vitamins

Vitamins can come in many forms, such as pills, tablets, capsules, and even patches. As the name implies, oral vitamins are taken orally, broken down by your stomach, and filtered by the liver, so that they can enter your bloodstream. Transdermal vitamin patches take a more direct approach by delivering the vitamins to your bloodstream through your skin. However, the capacity to absorb nutrients through the skin barrier may have its limits. Sublingual vitamins try to take the best of both possible methods and combine them for a cleaner and more efficient form of vitamin distribution.

The word “sublingual” comes from the Latin words “sub” meaning “under” or “beneath” and “lingua” meaning tongue. As the name implies, sublingual vitamins are meant to be placed under your tongue. These are then dissolved and absorbed directly into your bloodstream completely bypassing the need to go through your gastrointestinal tract. Some popular examples of sublingual vitamins include vitamin B-12 and melatonin. There may even be some types of sublingual vitamins that come in liquid drops or a liquid spray form. (Related: Vitamins & minerals in a spray? Popular sublingual spray product puts liquid vitamins in a spray bottle.)

Health benefits of sublingual vitamins

There are many advantages to taking sublingual vitamins over their pill or tablet counterparts. Here are some of the useful health benefits of taking sublingual vitamins:

  • More efficient absorption. Normal vitamin tablets have to go through a lot of processes in your body before their nutrients can be absorbed in your cells. This reduces their effectiveness because there is a delay in reaching your cells and because only a small portion of the initial tablet actually reaches your cells. Sublingual vitamins enter the bloodstream immediately. Underneath your tongue is a thin mucous membrane or lining with numerous blood vessels running through it. The sublingual vitamins are absorbed directly into these blood vessels, allowing you to reap its health benefits immediately. What’s more is that hardly any of the vitamin content is wasted.
  • Smaller dosages. With their increased absorption rate, sublingual vitamins do away with the need for multiple dosages or large quantities of pills. Your body only uses up exactly what it needs. There is also no more need for stronger capsule casings.
  • Vitamins come in their purest form. It is essential that sublingual vitamins do not contain any dangerous additives or fillers. These are normally found in pills and capsules for a variety of reasons, but your body doesn’t need them. Additives and fillers that won’t be broken down by your digestive system have no place in your body, so sublingual vitamins must be devoid of them. Sublingual vitamins are also free of any added sweeteners or sugars.
  • Easily taken. Have you ever struggled to swallow a large tablet? Or have you ever popped a pill in your mouth and realized that you didn’t have any water with you? Those scenarios are things of the past with sublingual vitamins. Another advantage is that sublingual vitamins can easily be taken by older adults and those who have trouble swallowing.

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