Meet the new line of herbal tinctures from the Health Ranger Store

Despite our best efforts to maintain a healthy lifestyle, there are times where it can be an uphill battle – what, with the food that we eat, to the pollution we’re exposed to, and even the water that we drink every day. To give us a much-needed boost, the Health Ranger Store has launched its newest line of herbal extracts, the Chief Originals Herbal Tincture line, where you can choose from eight different herbal tinctures that are beneficial for health.

All products are laboratory tested for heavy metals, microbiology, radiation and more. Plus, many ingredients are wildcrafted.

These herbal extracts are designed for everyday use and help promote lasting human health. Every item is certified gluten-free and non-GMO. More importantly, these are all made in the United States.

The Chiefs Originals Herbal Tinctures includes:

Also available: Extracts to help in relaxation and maintain a positive and calm mood. Relax & De-Stress Herbal Extract helps keep the worries away by relieving restlessness. Lastly, there’s the Women’s Restore Herbal Extract which helps ease menstrual difficulties.

Chief Originals Herbal Tinctures are an effective means to kick-start your journey to a healthier lifestyle. These are full potency herb extracts, not watered-down formulas. You can instantly taste the difference, and you’ll feel the difference, too, as you try these for yourself.

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