7 Signs of protein deficiency

Here’s something you may have heard before: “Protein is the basic foundation of the body.”

Protein provides the building blocks of our muscles and bones, it assists in tissue building and repair, and it’s necessary for natural enzyme and hormone production.

With protein being so vital in most of our bodily functions, it’s no wonder that lacking this building block can cause problems. If you or someone you know is exhibiting any of the following signs, you might be suffering from protein deficiency:

  1. You feel moodier and more anxious: Proteins are long chains of amino acids. These are important molecules that make up a large portion of our tissues and support various biological functions. One such amino acid is tyrosine, which is required for the natural production of dopamine, noradrenaline, and serotonin. All of these hormones play key roles in soothing away tension and bringing about feelings of calm and relaxation.
  2. Your workouts aren’t as efficient: Almost everyone knows that protein is needed for muscle building. What isn’t as widely realized is the fact that it helps sustain our energy levels. Without protein, our bodies will eventually resort to breaking down muscles to keep us going. So on top of contributing to our muscle mass, protein can also help maintain feelings of wakefulness as you go about your workout routine.
  3. You’re unable to concentrate: In addition to reducing feelings of anxiety, dopamine and serotonin can restore mental alertness. Protein is necessary for various neurological functions, which is why you might feel a bit of “brain fog” if you aren’t getting enough of this nutrient.
  4. You have difficulty sleeping: Once again, serotonin is crucial here. This hormone is needed for a good night’s sleep, so a lack of it can result in sleeplessness.
  5. You struggle with weight loss: As was previously mentioned, consuming protein ensures that the body doesn’t have to burn muscle to keep on chugging. This attribute of protein is vital to those attempting to gain muscle mass and those with reasonable weight loss goals. Furthermore, loading up on protein promotes feelings of satiety, making you less likely to seek out something unhealthy to snack on.
  6. You feel gassier than usual: A body that’s bogged down by protein deficiency will often experience compromised natural biological functions. Digestive functions are a good example: not getting enough protein can disrupt enzyme production and make it more difficult to digest certain foods.
  7. You bruise easier but heal slower: Insufficient protein intake has been linked to poor bone health, putting you at a higher risk of bone fractures. If you are injured, you might even encounter quite a few problems during the recovery process. Bones and muscles require protein for optimal recuperation.

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