Offshore hospitals begin dispensing cannabis oil to patients, while failed drug policies in the USA prohibit compassionate medicine

Medical cannabis may be effective in managing chronic pain and inflammation and in treating neurodegenerative disorders such as Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s. It is also said to be a viable treatment for epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, for sleep disorders, and chronic cancer pain, among other maladies.

Although research is ongoing, marijuana reportedly works with the endocannabinoid system in the body to modulate levels of pain and anxiety, which gives it the ability to alleviate symptoms of a wide range of disorders. (RELATED: Read more about medical marijuana at

In fact, just last month, Natural Blaze identified 100 studies that purport to show that cannabis can cure a variety of different cancers.

The use of medical cannabis is currently legal in 28 U.S. states, although cannabis is illegal under federal law. There is an increasing momentum behind legalizing recreational marijuana at the state level beyond those states where it has already been authorized, which is a separate matter with broad societal ramifications upon which reasonable people can reach different conclusions.

President Trump supports medical marijuana and during the campaign indicated that issue of legalizing the use of marijuana should be left up to the states on an individual basis. Attorney General Jeff Sessions, however, is viewed as more of a hardliner on recreational and medicinal weed.

Hospitals outside of the US are starting to take note of the medicinal benefits of cannabis

After purchasing about 13 quarts of the substance from a firm in Canada, a hospital in the Grand Cayman Islands is now dispensing cannabis oil, which contains a combination of active cannabis ingredients such as THC and CBD, to a select group of eligible and closely monitored patients who live in the Caymans, which are situated in the western Caribbean, south of Cuba.

Grand Cayman’s CTMH Doctors Hospital and Cayman Pharmacy Group explained its decision as follows, CNS Business reported.

“These advancements in medicinal cannabis have been proven successful in multiple case studies around the world,” the hospital officials said. “These case studies reveal life changing results for patients suffering with many conditions such as chronic pain, neuropathic pain and seizures. As with all medications, care and caution must be exercised to minimise risks and maximise health benefits.”

It is an understatement to note that Big Pharma is hardly a fan of medical cannabis or other natural remedies in general.

The Waking Times website claims, however, that physicians are waking up to the benefits of cannabis oil as they gradually accept its therapeutic benefits. “Success stories about using cannabis oil to treat illness continue to surface, and the medical establishment is listening.” The website goes on to note that “In addition to the Cayman Islands, doctors in other parts of the world are giving medicinal cannabis the attention it deserves.”

The website adds that even with the ongoing opposition from the feds, which includes the DEA, more American hospitals will “start dispensing cannabis oil and other cannabis-based medications in the near future.”


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