In the most materialistic society on Earth, Jeff Bezos has a near-monopoly on your purchase habits through – including bogus nutritional products

The world’s largest online shopping “mall” may have its talons hooked into you, controlling your mind and your finger tips every time you think of purchasing just about anything you want delivered to your front door or the front porch of your gift-receiving friends and relatives–and that’s just how Jeff Bezos wants it. The founder of, Jeff Bezos, not only tracks and records human purchase behavior for marketing and advertising agendas, but he’s also got the best prices on almost everything, including delivery, because his warehouse employees are worked like slaves and many of the nutritional products are shams, or didn’t you know? The third wealthiest person in the world is pushing abusive work conditions and expired nutritional products, or maybe he’s just turning his head the other way while “all that” takes place. Who’s to really say?

Watch out for counterfeit, expired, and stolen nutritional goods resold on Amazon

Besides the cheap, dead supplements like One-A-Day, Centrum, and Equate, that are easily found at every drug store, grocery store and Walmart in America, delivers its own spate of worthless nutritional products for your health “search.” How’s that? Most shoppers, especially online, are all about price, price, price. They’re looking for deals because they can let their fingers “do the walking” instead of their feet, so it’s quick and easy, but to their own dismay, could be a complete waste of time and money. There are three main ways sells so many nutritional products so cheap: they’re counterfeit, expired, or stolen and repackaged without any quality control.

Counterfeit dietary supplements are pretty easy to create and sell on Amazon, because even though their “policy” forbids it, there’s virtually no policing going on to stop it. Simply create some look-alike packaging for name-brand health products and mirror some of the ingredients and presto–your counterfeit operation is born! Most of the time, the active ingredients that really matter aren’t even present, or are but to a much lesser percentage.

Want some fake vitamins (that could actually be rocks and sawdust) at really low prices delivered for free with your Amazon Prime membership? Let your fingers do the walkin’–it’s a snap. Jeff Bezos certainly won’t stop you or the resellers, because he makes a profit for every sale. That’s capitalism.

Hey, criminals may be lacking morals, but a lot of them are quite smart and resourceful. Does this mean Jeff Bezos is a criminal? Well, let’s just say he owns the Washington Post, and we’ll leave it at that. Pushing lies and propaganda is big business–like really, really big billion dollar type of business. Enabling and abetting crime means you’re an accomplice.

In America, there are hardly any legal consequences for selling fake vitamins and supplements, and the Amazon (and E-Bay) “middle men” all know it. In fact, the International Anti-Counterfeiting Coalition (IACC) estimates name-brand companies lose more than $600 billion in revenue every year thanks to counterfeiters.

So, that being said, when it comes to buying health foods, dietary supplements, or just about anything “nutritional” online, you’re best to stick to legitimate manufacturer’s original products, otherwise, just go to your local health food store and pay the extra bucks for quality and reliability.

Take notice on that many pill-pushers and third-party-sellers don’t even list an address or phone number, so if it seems fake or counterfeit, guess what? It probably is. Counterfeiters will often buy expired or “fire sale” products at a major discount and resell them after repackaging with a new fictional expiration date, so you don’t know they’ve already expired, and maybe even long ago. That, or they simply keep the supplements for themselves and sell you counterfeit, totally fake pills. You would never know, except that your body gets no benefit, or worse, you become ill from them. Amazon and Jeff Bezos make little to no effort to reel in these crooks, and they’re becoming more popular and profitable by the day. Health enthusiasts beware!

Booming criminal enterprises via

Amazon is the largest and most viable place in the world for illegitimate and counterfeit companies to sell their products. Many will use a very similar name to the brand name you know so well. That’s a popular, shady trick. Is your seemingly “favorite” brand or company now based in a foreign country or not listing any contact information? You could get sick or even die from faulty products. Are they listing their testing measures for their products? If not, big red alert! Is the price of something that’s usually rather expensive suddenly super cheap? Don’t waste a dime on it.

How counterfeit supplement products on Amazon could still have high user ratings (stars)

What’s the easiest way to exploit the consumer trust factor? Assign counterfeit products with faked formulas high user or “star” ratings by illegally using the patented or copyrighted names of popular supplement companies. Amazon haphazardly assigns high-star ratings to any similar products that get high ratings from users. These same counterfeiters eliminate their real, authentic competition by reporting them as illegally manufactured, even though it’s their own products that are fake. and Jeff Bezos then terminate the good guys while propelling sales of the fake products pieced together by counterfeiters. Since Jeff Bezos pushes fake news now, why not push fake products too?

Are your supplements coming from a reliable, quality manufacturer who states on the label the ingredients and contact information for customer satisfaction?

Get armed with the truth about nutritional goods, and don’t fall for the scams on, or it might be the last scam you ever literally “fall for,” right into a six foot grave. Keep your eyes open and stay alert my friends!








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